Deborah (Duan) Hu   M.D.(China), M.Sc.(Ontario), R.TCMP (British Columbia)


Deborah Hu is a Registered Chinese Medicine acupuncturist who has practiced in combination of Traditional and Contemporary Chinese Therapy for over 30 years in China and Canada. 

She got her MD at Tongji Medical University in China in 1987 (She majored in Public Health) and was assistant professor for 6 years.

She won a scholarship to study in Canada in 1993 and got her Master degree of Science at Lakehead University in 1996. 

She was a committee member at TCM Practitioner and Acupuncturist Society for 1998-2000 and helped to designate Chinese medicine and Acupuncture in BC at that time. 

She was an instructor at VCC and Western Canadian Institute of TCM practitioners in 1999. 

Currently, she is active member of ATCMA.